Frequently asked questions:

  1. Why do you need my name, birth year, and month?
    To confirm your voter registration in the public records, and to find your voting districts.  We do not keep, track, or sell your information.  Only your device remembers it.
  2. Endorsed by whom?
  3. Why a Democratic-only voter guide?
    To provide Democratic-leaning voters in Michigan with an easy way to find all candidates and proposals endorsed by the Democratic Party.  For a reliable non-partisan source of information about all candidates and proposals, see
  4. Why do I see only some offices?
    If you don't see any local candidates for your district, it's because we have not (yet) received information about endorsed Democratic candidates for your local area.

    You can also try the MichiganDems site for a listing of local candidates.

  5. I'm a Democratic candidate. Why don't I appear?
    If you are a candidate and do not see your information, please contact us ASAP at  We especially need to hear from county Democratic party leaders about endorsements for their regions.
  6. Who is
    This site was built by a group of passionate volunteers, working towards a more democratic Michigan.  Candidate data was supplied by the Michigan Democratic Party, the Washtenaw County Democratic Party, individual candidates, and their campaign websites.
  7. Who is that funny guy in the video?
    That's the wonderful Amir for America, who has a whole series of hilarious and informative videos on getting people to vote.

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